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Janine Avila gained her experience as a successful speaker and trainer working with Network Marketing industry giants in the early 1980s.

Janine Avila is filled with a contagious spirit and boundless energy that nurtures and empowers others, which is what makes her such an exceptional — and highly respected — international speaker, author, trainer, mentor and coach. Over the past 25 years, Janine has become an icon in the Network Marketing industry, both in the field building huge organizations and at the corporate level.

Janine’s introduction to the Network Marketing industry came almost out of necessity. A single mother of 7 growing children, 5 natural and 2 adopted, Janine searched for a way to create financial security for her growing family-without missing out on their lives.

As a result, Janine developed simple and effective systems for team building and time management which she credits with her meteoric rise to the top recruiter spot among more than 500,000 Tupperware managers around the world.

After building an empire with Tupperware, Janine continued to develop her proven systems and built highly successful organizations with several well known companies. Janine’s ability to train and motivate distributors at a level almost never before seen, made her highly sought after by companies seeking to train and develop leaders in the field.  Over the next 10 years Janine held such prominent positions as Sr. Vice President of Sales and Marketing and Vice President of Training for corporate industry giants with the same outstanding results.

Traveling the world as a motivational speaker, Janine has shared the stage with legends such as Richard Brooke, Les Brown, Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, the late John Kalench, Dan McCormick, Sandy Elsberg and many other experts in the field of personal development.  From each of the 50 states  to Canada and as far away as Russia, Janine has been called to tell her story and stands as a shining example of what is possible within the network marketing industry.

Throughout her career, Janine’s passion for training others to create controlled predictable income has never waned; and her “Build the people and the people will build the business” philosophy has one of the core principles on which her success is built.

In her private life Janine has overcome seemingly impossible obstacles such as a stroke that robbed her of her ability to speak. In the coming months Janine worked tirelessly to teach herself to speak once again by listening to her own voice on countless training programs she had previously recorded and repeating each syllable over and over again.  Having regained her voice and with a renewed level of energy and enthusiasm, Janine delivered a memorable speech in front of thousands of her peers at the DSA leadership event in 2007.

When asked to comment on her secret to being successful in life as well as in business Janine had this to say “It’s not what happens in your life, she adds, it’s how you respond to it. “You’re always going to have problems.  It’s like Rocky Balboa; when you get knocked down you have to climb back up the ropes and keep on fighting” — it’s a strong message for Network Marketers.”

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