"Inspiration Stimulates Action"

About Janine

Radio Show Host | Home Business Expert | Business Coach | Event Speaker | Entrepreneur

Janine Avila is an experienced Business Coach and Speaker. As a single mother of 7 kids; 5 Natural and 2 adopted, she learned time management skills and how to find the resources you need. Her passion for helping others, her can-do attitude, and positive spirit have earned her accolades in both life and business. She is available for team coaching or one-on-one sessions.

As someone who has worked from home, I know how challenging a home-based business can be. Some of the areas to which people look to me for help include:

  • Acquiring new Customers/Clients
  • Creating Business Plans
  • Overcoming Distractions and Disorganization

What I Do

In order to make your business profitable, it is critical to maximize the income-producing activities while minimizing the distractions. To accomplish this, I work with you to:

  • Develop a Customized Plan for your individual goals and current situation
  • Implement Follow-up Formulas that work and will have your customers and prospects calling you back and taking your calls.
  • Set up your workspace for maximum efficiency and profit
  • Communicate more effectively with Family/Friends and Clients/Customers

Who I Primarily Work With

I work with Home Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Working Parents, Business Travelers, and Single Parents to create the skills needed to succeed whether it be in a service industry, direct sales or network marketing.

Why I Do It

I developed a passion for teaching people to work from home and for themselves because I care about people and families. I love to see parents at home, raising their own children rather than paying someone else to do it. Over the course of my own career, I developed a strong set of skills that I am able to teach others, so they too can have peaceful, profitable home-based businesses and have the time to spend with their families doing what they love.

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